Fatema Abouzeid   Fatema Abouzeid is an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood and holds instruction courses, organizes events and travels to foreign countries from time to time. At the same time she has all family commitments and has to take care of the three little sons. Her daily routine is very well structured.
Amani Eltunsi 2   Amani Eltunsi is publisher and founder of the Internet radio station “banat wa bas” for women. She broadcasts about domestic violence, sexual discrimination and personal freedom. She feels strongly committed to the more than 5 million listeners. During the revolution she was taken into police custody and the radio station was destroyed.
But Amani is tough and so three month later she was back "on air".
May GahAllah2   May Gah Allah is Nubian and therefore belongs to a discriminated minority in Egypt. She worked her way up to become a successful banker. Three days before the revolution started, she quit her job to make her dream come true: The development of an organic cultivation and trade cooperative in her Nubian home region in the south of Egypt.
Sharbat Abdullah   Sharbat Abdullah is mother of three boys. She worked for the military but quit her job. Now she criticizes the military and is part of the group of demonstrators who still fight for changes after the revolution. She is always accompanied by her children. Her husband doesn't support her conviction. In their neighborhood she provokes hostile reactions.
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